Locking Wheel Nut Removal

Check your nuts!  Check that you have the correct locking wheel nut key for your nuts and check that it works and all can be removed using the key.  Don't wait until you are stuck at the side of the road with a puncture before you realise that you cannot get the wheel off the car because either you don't have the key for your locking wheel nuts, or you have a key but it's either broken, the wrong one or for some other reason won't work.  Check your nuts now - do you have the right key for them?  Is the key damaged?  Does it remove all of the locking nuts (it wouldn't be the first time that not all 4 wheels have the same locking wheel nuts in them!)?

We can remove 100% of makes/styles of locking wheel nuts without damaging your alloy wheels - our specialist equipment is used in conjunction with Craig's unique skills and techniques and, provided the locking nut has not been over tightened when last put in place, he'll have them removed for you in a jiffy.

This work can be carried out at any location where it is safe to work at the side of your vehicle - no power supply is needed.  Provided of course we are satisfied we are carrying out the work for the vehicle's owner and not for someone who wishes to steal your wheels!

We do not supply replacement wheel nuts - these can be easily and far more cost effectively obtained by yourself online or at your local generic car parts stockist. 

The cost of our locking wheel nut removal work is dependent upon the location to which Craig would be travelling to carry out the work, and whether or not you require emergency attendance or we can make a regular booking for you.

Please note our price is the same regardless of whether it is one, two, three or all four locking wheel nuts on a vehicle that need removing.

If the nuts have previously been over tightened and we are unable to remove them because of this, we will not charge you our quoted price, however we would ask for a small fee towards our fuel/time costs. 

Please call us or use the 'contact us' or 'request quote' pages with your requirements.






Craig is a miracle worker! I had been trying for two weeks to find someone who could free the seized locking wheel nuts on my MG ZT-T. Many tried and failed but Craig managed it. I am having him over refurbish my alloys next week. Very pleased.

Andy Dear, Menstrie - MG ZT-T

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