Cracked Wheel Welding

Many cracked alloy wheels (including those with a high magnesium content) can be welded successfully - if you know what you're doing.  Thankfully, we do!

We assess each cracked wheel individually and will only weld a wheel if we consider it to be safe to do so.  The location and the severity of the crack as well as the type/make of wheel are all taken into account in this assessment.

If it is a repair we are happy to carry out, we cut/grind out the cracked area and prepare it for welding. The welding is then carried out and, once complete, we finish off by 'dressing' the weld (put simply we get rid of all the unsightly lumpy bumpy bits of weld and make it look nice!).

All cracked wheels must come to us in Crieff for welding - unfortunately we cannot currently offer this as a mobile service.  We can usually turn them around to be ready for collection within 24 hours (depending on the day and time of drop off and provided we know they are coming in advance so we can sort out workshop time for the welding).

The cost of our crack welding work is dependent upon a number of factors including the following (this list is not exhaustive)...

  • the location and severity of the crack on the wheel 
  • if it's a single crack or whether there are multiple cracks in the same wheel
  • are we working on a split rim or standard one piece wheel
  • has the wheel previously been powder coated
  • if you require us to provide a collection/drop off service or not

Please call us or use the 'contact us' or 'request quote' pages with your requirements.


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