Buckled Alloy Wheel Repairs

Did you know that a vehicle may fail an MOT because of a buckled wheel?

A buckle may also be called a flat spot, a ding, a warp, or your wheel might be referred to as elliptical (egg shaped), v-shaped or twisted.

The vast majority of buckle damage on the inner rims of alloy wheels can be straightened out (or should we say made round again!).  Buckle damage on the face of a wheel is much trickier but again, mostly this damage can be sorted (however it is likely the finish on the face of the wheel will suffer some marking).

Buckle damage can not only cause air loss from your tyres but can cause vibration when driving - this can be mild or very severe, all of which can contribute to the damage/deterioration of other parts of the vehicle.

We use a combination of experience, skill and knowledge along with specialist hydraulic equipment plus traditional bars and hammers to expertly manipulate your wheel back into shape.  We aim to get your wheel back to a 'circle' which will stop any air loss and/or vibration that the buckle may have been causing, and also to ensure that your vehicle will not be failed in an MOT because of buckle damage.

The cost of our buckle repair work is dependent upon a number of factors including the following (this list is not exhaustive)...

  • the location and severity of the buckle on the wheel 
  • if it's a single buckle or whether there are multiple buckles in the same wheel
  • are we working on a split rim or standard one piece wheel
  • has the wheel previously been powder coated
  • the location to which Craig would be travelling to carry out the work

With straightening any buckled wheel there is a small risk that the wheel may crack - industry standard is approximately 90% of wheels with inner rim buckling can be repaired no problem - Craig is better than average and over 99% of the wheels he works on are straightened with no problems.  However, there is still a very small risk and we do have to ensure that you are aware of this.  If a wheel did crack, all is not lost as we can weld cracked wheels - obviously there would be a small welding fee and the wheel would need to come to us in Crieff for the welding as we cannot do that on a mobile basis.  Like we said, it's a risk but with Craig the risk is as minimal as you will get!

Please call us or use the 'contact us' or 'request quote' pages with your requirements.



Can you please pass on my sincere thanks to Craig for his services today. He's a lovely honest chap, a hard find nowdays. turned out Scott's wheel wasn't buckled, it was a faulty tire. The wire bands had snapped inside the tyre causing it to distort. Many thanks again for gr8 service.

Ann Easton, Auchterarder - Volvo C30

"What I expected was for the business to arrive late as usual companies do. However, they arrived 10minutes early – I thought this was excellent as I didn’t have to wait around and could get on with my day. I was impressed with how quickly the business got back to me with a quote for my wheel. Phoning the business was not intimidating as I was met by a very friendly and helpful spokesperson. Overall an excellent service and would recommend to a friend."

Ms Michie, Alyth


  • Before - have a close look at the kerbing damage - in this pic at the top (along from the valve)
  • During...
  • After
  • After - close up of where the bad kerbing was (along from the valve)

Ferrari 360

  • Close up of some of the damage before work started!
  • Close up of some of the damage before work started!
  • Close up of some of the damage before work started!
  • Close up of some of the damage before work started!
  • Close up of some of the damage before work started!
  • Close up of some of the damage before work started!
  • Looking like new again after a lot of hard work...
  • Looking like new again!

Ford Focus

  • Before 1
  • Before 2
  • After 1
  • After 2
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