Inner Rim Grind and Polish

If you are suffering from air loss from your tyres, it could be that your wheels are suffering from corrosion on the inner rim - this corrosion prevents the tyre from obtaining a good seal onto the alloy and results in air loss.

Our inner rim grind and polish service will get rid of all this corrosion for your and get your alloy wheel back to having a surface onto which your tyre can seal well.  Please note that face of the wheel is not touched, this service simply deals with the inner rim.  Please see our 'repair and refurbishment' page if you wish the face of the wheel to receive treatment. 

The vast majority of inner rim work can be done on a mobile basis at a location of your choice - provided it is safe to jack up your vehicle and there is room for safely parking up our van.  Craig also requires access to power (he carries 20m extension cables - so long as these don't cross main thoroughfares that's fine).

The cost of our inner rim work is dependent upon a number of factors including the following (this list is not exhaustive)...

  • how much corrosion is present
  • are we working on split rims or standard one piece wheels
  • have the wheels previously been powder coated
  • the location to which Craig would be travelling to carry out the work

Please call us or use the 'contact us' or 'request quote' pages with your requirements.


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